While most answers are concrete, some may be changed during the course of development. (rev. 3/16/13)

Will Celestia/Princess Luna be in the game?
They will be in place of Master and Crazy Hand.

What will be your Character & Stage list?
There are 21 characters for the roster, and 10+ stages in the works. Please do not ask if ____ will be in the game. Roster characters will be revealed slowly.

The plans for Discord making some appearance in the game are still in the air, but it will be likely as of now.

Will this support gamepads?
Yes. Actually, it’s kinda one of the traditional ways to play.

Do you still accept OCs?
No OCs because of the graphics overhaul, sorry!

Will there be something like Subspace Emissary?
Plans for any form of adventure mode are tentative as of this time.

Will this support online playing?
Yes. There will be more details on this soon however – connecting to other players won’t be done through conventional methods.

Is this game available at the moment?
The game will be ready when it’s ready. Unfortunately, it’s not ready.

Which original Smash Bros game will this game resemble?
Second bullet point from the About page: A completely unique feel from that of it’s predecessors, Brawl, Melee, or 64. Not to be a clone.

Final Smashes?
Oh yes. But we may not call them that.

What game engine are you using?
The game is being developed on GameMaker Studio v1.1.

Will there be a Mac version of this game?
Yes, and more details can be found here.

I smell lawsuit!
That’s not funny!