The Risks of our Project

Cease and Desist - three words we wouldn’t want to hear from any company towards our project.

So some of you are worried that our project may go down because of the fact that it’s a crossover with two franchises made by two different companies. Some of you suggested that we change the name as well.

I’ll tell you this. The name will stay as is unless if we are specifically requested to do so from an official source.

As for the game, well, let me say this.

We’re indeed taking risks. We know we’re in the middle of potential crossfires between plenty of companies. We are also cautious and in fear of the work known as copyright law.

If we don’t play our cards right, we can be taken down like MLP: Online was. But we will play our cards right.

If anything, Super Smash Flash, Super Smash Flash 2, Super Smash Bros. crusade, and plenty other Smash Bros. fangames would’ve been taken down by Nintendo. But Nintendon’t do that.

On another note, if I know one thing, things begin to be as risky as hanging on a cliffside when green paper is involved. So please do not send us any financial donations to us. We will refuse to take money. Any related to this project.

Say I am taking a nice stroll downtown in the middle of gunshots and explosions of war as I go down to get an ice cream cone. If you saw me and said, “Hey! You’re the Super Smash Ponies Dude,” I’d be flattered and also confused as to why you are out in the middle of a war zone. You present to me 5 dollars. Then I would throw you in the cross fire (No, not really). If you gave me 5 dollars for a reason that 100% does not have to do with the game, then I’d gladly accept (and even share an ice cream with you while returning home with the spoils of war)!

But, my point is no money, please. That is a gray area where we can be taken down easily. That’s usually the main area for the reason behind cease and desists, really.

We appreciate your concerns, but rest assured we won’t go down. This project is our own child, and what more could be said if a parent were to lose their child? You can’t replace them.

And on that note, back to work!




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12 Responses to The Risks of our Project

  1. Dan Walsh says:

    like you said smash flash hasnt been taken down so yours should be fine. I wish you the best on finishing this i love the idea of MLP smash bros lol i cant wait to play it :D oh and if you have any ideas of throwing Derpy hooves and vinyl scratch in this im sold lol

  2. Adam1000g says:

    Really wish you guys the best of luck making this really looking forward to this amoung other things fightign is magic welcome to ponyvile etc etc and i wish only fuzzy bunnys unicorns and rainbows for all of you but srsly i only wish you guys the best of luck

  3. Christian Bjork says:

    Um…. If some company says cease and desist they should stfu up. Yes, it's most likely THEIR product, but MLP FiM is about friendship and basic lessons of what a good person should be like or do. That includes share without expecting anything in return. If Hasbro asks that this project be scrapped they will be receiving many, and I mean MANY, angry letters/emails from me and probably a lot of ponies out there. As for nintendo I can't say much about them. ^-^ Anyways. Good luck guys. I'm really looking forward to playing this. Like… a lot.

    • Nite5hade says:

      Hasbro does not care about any of that. They made the show to sell toys to little girls, period. That it became a good show was in spite of them, not because of them, and was solely due to Lauren Faust and the great team she put together, who do their best to carry on her work (which is getting harder, now that Hasbro is interfering more and more- I say at most the show lasts 5 seasons before becoming awful). Any support Hasbro gives to the fandom and "bronies" is, again, SOLELY so that they can squeeze money out of us (again, Hasbro is distinct here from the crew of the show, who are genuinely good, talented people). Do not for one second believe Hasbro is anything but a soulless, massive corporation seeking only to maximize their profits, or else you'll be in for a nasty awakening.

      If you doubt me, look up what happened with Mane6 and Fighting is Magic- it was a hugely popular, hugely anticipated fan game, in development for nearly 2 years, that Hasbro just killed with a C&D. If this game continues to be publicized and gets attention online like it has been, there is ZERO doubt in my mind that they WILL shut it down, too. Unless the creators intend to risk legal action and openly defy Hasbro, they should immediately hide and take down any public evidence that they are working on this, and only put it back up when the game is ready for release. As soon as one person downloads it, it can survive forever thanks to the internet. Otherwise Hasbro will do its best to kill it before it's born, and I really don't want to see that happen again.

      • bronyfan101 says:

        SO TRUE MAN SO F***IN TRUE! on all accounts and it makes sad and disgusted at corporations these days, but thats just the sign of the times, these guys have my full support and i really really hope they keep thier wits about them, and again they're doing an amazing job

  4. shylockwoodsbob says:

    Lol, Nintendon't.. Those comercials XD also thanks for playing cards right. Fighting is magic was shut down cause They were super public about it.

  5. Anon says:

    I'm sorry but you are mistaken. Just because you are not accepting monetary value does not put you in a safe region. The matter of this is "image". Hasbro did not shut down MLPOnline or Fighting is Magic because of either of them accepting money, it was a threat to their brand name.

    Think of it like this: They have a brand name that they worked to get a certain way. One that they own. Anyone else using that brand to do whatever could send out an image of their brand that they do not desire, and in effect could lose them money. They are shutting down these projects to send a message to people that they are going to control their brand as best they can. Projects like this pose a direct threat to their brand for several reasons:

    1. Association. If your product does not live up to Hasbro's standards that might affect them. People might associate the quality of your product with their's even if you claim you have no association. People generally don't read between the lines, and they like to assume.

    2. Competition. You are creating direct threat of competition to them if they decide to make a game based upon their own product.

    There are tons more reasons, but essentially you may not be accepting money but you are a potential risk of losing money to Hasbro. Thus why you should not think that not accepting money will keep you safe. Hasbro is out to protect their brand and remind people that THEY own it.

    To be honest I'm kind of annoyed by the attitude of bronies towards them. People saying they need to learn to "share" and be more understanding like their own show? Here's a lesson in business to you all: no profit means no paychecks. No paychecks means employees can't feed their families. Decreased profits means they have to fire people and cut pay. If you honestly are upset with Hasbro do doing what a business needs to do to write the paychecks of their employees then you are a selfish person and go against your own "morals" as a brony.

    • bronyfan101 says:

      corporations like them dont need every single penny that goes their way to survive, they make a surplus and are only fattening their wallets, it doesnt matter but corporations like them get NO sympathy from me! i care less what the legal system thinks about it

  6. Daniel Cortez says:

    Fuck Hasbro. Thanks to them, now I'm NEVER going to be able to play as Rainbow Dash in fighting is magic….

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