Congratulations To Our New Shader!!! (And We’re Not Dead Yet. . .)

Just when you think the team’s on vacation, we’ve recently acquired a new shader, Dream0rDie! Onwards to my first post!

So this is Carbon Maestro, head of the music department of SSP typing in this, and boy we are excited to have Dream0rDie on our team! This might be a little late, for that he’s been on our team for two weeks, but congrats!!! He’s already started to work with us on some shading, like the Twilight shown.

Anyways we are still working on the game, and no, we’re not dead yet! If anything, we’re on a roll!!!

Now go check out his shading style! Stay tuned!!!

In the meantime, our highly trained humans are currently working on developing this game everyday.

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4 Responses to Congratulations To Our New Shader!!! (And We’re Not Dead Yet. . .)

  1. Blueberry_Pie says:

    There better not be any C&D here.

  2. Dimitriexeno says:

    I can't wait for this game. Honestly, looking forward to it more than I was looking forward to Fighting is Magic. The SSB format is my favorite for fighting games.

    Hope all your work goes well

  3. BLUBEBWEWB says:

    Progress is like my heroin!

  4. James says:

    I like your article for its quality content you have. I personally enjoyed your post and would love to disseminate.

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