Contest: Calling All Artists!

Want to be on the Devteam? Want access to the current build of the game, and contribute to a huge part of development? If you are an artist, you are in complete luck. Win this competition, and the position is all yours. Read on ahead if you are interested.

Task: Shade and color this Twilight to the best of your ability.
Deadline: March 15. February 15.

You may:

  • retrace the image so as long as it resembles this image
  • color the background (though it won’t earn you anything extra)
  • use show style drawing or unique style drawing
  • submit up to three multiple approaches of shading and coloring

You may not:

  • collaborate with multiple artists for a single submission
  • submit four or more versions

Simple as that? What are we looking for in particular? Nothing except your best work.

Send your submissions to Please start your subject line with [ShadeMeTwi]. Any other subject lines will be ignored. If you happen to forget this line when you send your email, simply send it again with the appropriate subject line.

Deadline is March 15. February 15.

We wish you good luck and are looking forward to your submissions!

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15 Responses to Contest: Calling All Artists!

  1. drakonslair says:

    Color Twilight and get a chance to join the dev team? im in, and may the best artist win!

    • Ooooh this site uses Intensedebate comment system?! AWESOME!!! Oh and yes I wish all artists the best and may the best artist win indeed hehe!

      Show us your best of the best y'all and have fun as well =D

      • drakonslair says:

        I'm showing my best, and I'm gonna just have to hope it's good enough. still, I'd rather have a good quality game that I had no part in making than a low-quality game that I made. The compromise, of course, is to end up with a good-quality game that I made. (in a perfect universe, anyway… and we all know how common those are.)

        • As long as you try your best you shall hope to achieve helping creating an good/great quality game hehe!

          I wish the best to ya as well drakonslair and to everypony who's entering as well!

          Stay awesome, have fun and pony on drakonslair hehe!
          Have an brohoof for trying your best pal /)

          [brohoofs to everypony too /)]

  2. Copper says:

    I should try… It's be quite the experience!

  3. LightningNickel says:

    So could we maybe have a job description?? I’d rather not blindly join a devteam without knowing what is expected of me.

  4. skytail89 says:

    who has two thumbs/hooves and goes to an art school? this guy!
    but good luck!

  5. Sounds like fun! I've always wanted to help with these things. I think I'll give it a shot! I don't think I have much of a chance of winning, though XD

  6. sirairial says:

    Not sure how well I'll do, but I'll give it a shot. good luck to everyone participating!

  7. Solvandus says:

    Time to get my flank handed to me! (If I remember to apply…)

  8. Solvandus says:

    Yo, guys! Look out! Fighting is Magic just got a Cease and Desist order! I had to post this (after I got done crying); I'm worried about this project too!

  9. TickleBerryDude says:

    had to change the date, darn

  10. Catlyn says:

    I should try… It's be quite the experience!

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