SSP Dev Log #5 – The Neighbors

Some quick clarification on a few questions and addressing new content. Sorry about the lack of visuals, the current team is focused on the game. The amount of yes and no questions are just astounding.

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Super Smash Ponies Updated FAQ by Detective Butler

Hello again! Now if you didn’t see our panel for Bronycon, the team has uploaded a video for some of the important questions that may or may not have been answered there. So while you wait for the actual panel to be uploaded in time, we have this video. It’s pretty dry and rather boring for some. More exciting stuff will come along the way.

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Super Smash Ponies – Bronycon 2014 Trailer #1

All good things need a beginning. Check out the Bronycon 2014 Panel introduction video. Thank you to all who’ve attended. We’ll post this while the rest of the panel will be online later.

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This is it. This is your chance to come by and possibly have a chance to play the game for yourself! Ask us questions at our panel, and we’ll show you all that we have to offer!

August 2, 2014, at the Hall of the Stars. Save the date!

Also! Go to THIS LINK and vote for your favorite pone. Your vote decides who’s next up in the SSP character roster.


SSP Dev Log #4 – Wash Up!

Another week, another update.

See us at our Bronycon panel on Saturday, August 2, 12:30pm in the Star Hall!

Also on Saturday, be sure to visit Flufflepuff‘s panel at 11:15am in the Sun Hall.

Hope to see you guys there! Get the tickets for Bronycon!

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