Rainbow Dash Theme

Hey guys, the Rainbow Dash Theme is available! Save the song on your Youtube playlist, or head to the “Downloads” page and get it there below.

Download it here.


SSP Dev Log #6 – Cod’n, Splod’n Recod’n & a Funeral

This one may be a mouthful, so let me make a few points clear.

  1. Game Maker: Studio is a broken program in some aspects and has various limitations. Because of the fact that Super Smash Ponies is a big game, we surpassed so many limitations that we found ourselves BREAKING THE ENGINE. (spooky scary skelecode)
    The problems we have encountered in breaking the engine are beyond our capability to fix.
  2. Controller support really sucks on GM: S. It is not optimal to have lag in any inputs, especially in a fighting game.
  3. Therefore, we are switching to the Unreal Engine 4.5. This game is gonna be a lot better because of it. Check back in the next couple weeks to see how we’re doing.
  4. The game will be released January 1, 2015.
  5. “Please understand.” – Satoru Iwata

There are more details in the video, so please go ahead and take a look if you haven’t already.



SSP Dev Log #5 – The Neighbors

Some quick clarification on a few questions and addressing new content. Sorry about the lack of visuals, the current team is focused on the game. The amount of yes and no questions are just astounding.

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Super Smash Ponies Updated FAQ by Detective Butler

Hello again! Now if you didn’t see our panel for Bronycon, the team has uploaded a video for some of the important questions that may or may not have been answered there. So while you wait for the actual panel to be uploaded in time, we have this video. It’s pretty dry and rather boring for some. More exciting stuff will come along the way.

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Super Smash Ponies – Bronycon 2014 Trailer #1

All good things need a beginning. Check out the Bronycon 2014 Panel introduction video. Thank you to all who’ve attended. We’ll post this while the rest of the panel will be online later.

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