No, we’re not dead.

But in fact, we are trucking along quite nicely. The devteam is getting back in gear and we’re still here ready to get this game out.

What wasn’t a joke however was our livestream. That was sort of a joke and sort of not? Anyways, part of the stream can be rewatched here:

Happy April 2nd to all, and hope you have a splendid day!

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Help Wanted – Animators and Voice Actresses

Hello all! We’re still at development, but currently we’re in need of a helping hoof for two things.

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Applejack (Character Theme)

Have some Applejack!!! More below at the break.

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Cheers to a year of Smash Ponies!



Artist: Balloons504

As the title says, it has been approximately one year since Super Smash Ponies started development.

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Opinion: C&Ds, Fighting is Magic and Super Smash Ponies


Carbon Maestro here, now there are few things I want to point out. I’m not the admin of SSP Devteam, nor am I representing the thoughts of my fellow Dev members. Click on “Read More” to know what I think on Fighting is Magic’s team and the future of Super Smash Ponies.
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